How to use Vschool Trend program to guide children in self-learning

For the child who entering middle school will begin to feel the pressure of exams. What we can do as parents is to guide our children how to learn more accurately and save time and effort.

Vschool trend has Notes function. Each subject has key summaries for each chapter. Subjects like Sejarah/Geography you may consider to print out the notes of the chapters that going to be learnt that week for your child to take to school. The child listens directly to the teacher's explanation in class, and adds the key points in the notes which is convenient for her to remember. Most of the textbook content is lengthy,  thus the notes can indirectly let children know how to grasp the key points.

After the school, the child can spend 10 minutes to do the exercise of the chapter that learnt. Instant marking can let the child directly know the answer is correct or otherwise, and learn immediately (it is more time-saving and effective than spending time doing hardcopy homework).

From My progress section, you can know how well she understands the chapter, and can roughly know her weaknesses. If the child scored the exercise, you no need to spend time to do the same exercise over and over again. If the child fail the exercise, you can find out where the child is stuck with and help her in a timely manner. (We can breathe a sigh of relief in the future when she knows how to use this wonderful learning resource)

The child can choose to spend 30 minutes to do the assessment exercises on the weekends at a time instead of busy weekdays too.

When approaching the exam period, the child will spend time to do revision for all subjects as much as possible, and there is not enough time. At this time, you can make good use of the resources of My exam.

It has a countdown timer that trains the child to complete the exam at a specific time.

After submitting, you can view the results and the answers in My Progress

This saves you the time to go through the answers at the back of the exam assignments one by one yourself.

In this way, the child is already mentally prepared to know which part she needs to strengthen and review, and she can spend more time on the chapter that she is not confident with.

So the vschool system is no longer just a platform for children to 'learn' (they learn from teachers and even tuition center), but a platform for children to evaluate their own learning, use its resources to enhance focused learning, and spend time to do revision on the weakest area. There is no need to spend extra money to buy additional homework or test questions by yourself, because these exercises question in Vschool trend are provided by more than 200+ senior local teachers according to the government syllabus.

The child may have enough practice in tuition center for the subject like Math. So the child just need to  take some time to do exam question to find out the area/chapter that needs to be strengthened. The child can practice more for the weaker chapter (go back to MyLearning). Math even has a solution for step by step.

Soon or later the child will have more confidence in learning after seeing the results, and will definitely fall in love with independent learning, provided we take the time to guide them first.  The child will get better results by spending less effort if the child reviewing and doing exercises in a targeted manner, if you make good use of this system,

I highly recommend this system. Because I think my studies would be smoother if I had this system in middle school. This is the reason why I so recommended it to the moms that have children in middle school.

If you have more questions, you can contact me for consultation / Demo:

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